Taylor Swift New Netflix Documentary "Miss Americana" Singer Songwriter – An open letter to Taylor Swift

the business of promoting work through channels of communication using media platforms has been and always will be the mechanism of communicating and reaching audiences indicative of our times such as the “netflix vibe” 
using that to propel Taylor Swifts story certainly captured me who's never really been a real fan but always appreciated her as an artist and listened to her music even if i didn't know the song was by Taylor swift (sorry swift,) but did it turn me into a swift fan no not overnight but it did teach me about Taylor and inspired me to write and record some songs along the way...
I grew up watching stories about celebrities i obsessed watching true life especially when it was about a celebrity, remember true life 
i loved watching stories about how regular people rose to stardom, often wondered what it must feel like living a life where everyone knows your name and absorbed every detail as i pondered that question...

An Open Letter to Taylor Swift


Write like the whole worlds reading think like no one showed up

Making money should be the last goal before anything in like, but getting paid is your one and only expectation.

We all know Mcdonalds hamburger is good, it’s always good it always comes out the same our range of expectations have not been disappointed, because we know nothing else.

Same thing must go to money. You must get paid, but making money is the action derived from getting paid. You know when you got paid let’s say at your job, in high school for rcsmple I was a barista…yes we still got paper checks….direct deposit didn’t come out until 2007….I thinkkkkk. Let’s think about the process of making money…. obviously show up on top, don’t be late, ever,,, do your job, go home drive repeats then get your check, sign it hopefully a bank is on the way home cash check whatever it is. If you cashed it then you had to watch that you never lost that paper, if you deposited it then great you just lost .6789222 out of your check as soon as you walked out the store…. starting your car…going to the bank, waiting in line, and then processing that deposit made you intiontentionnaly mad. Can you imagine doing this all the time? I got annoyed unless it was a wad of cash. I loved it because I didn’t have to deposit the money….I could spend it down meaning reach fun immediately, without any hiccups or I could go ahead and deposit it to keep cash from falling out of my wallet.

I think everyone should be a waiter\waitress at least once then you have to Bartend for a month that would be my bootcamp to mental strength

if your first step in business is by hiring a consultant to help guide you, then you need to 🛑 like big red emoji stop. Unless your using your money to turn that into a stream of revenue then you had no idea what your getting your self into. Employees at McDonald’s are taught to take your order, and complete the process.

A business consultant needs to be able to provide you value, sure is he she an investor, an angel investor partner st s firm willing to mentor you – those need to be clear as fuck in the beginning and no it doesn’t have to mean you need to let them know that but at some point you need to let that relationship be so comfortable where you can get to the point of getting shwasted drunk together and letting them know that your madly in love in with them and they better not leave you cuz you love them too much…seriously like that close
Like you remember those years in college where there were two sets of cool people the cool people and the ones who were to good for everything but still cool…. yeah those people smell like fear to me.

They do not know how to get close naturally, yet their social skills are outstanding. Best friends don’t need to talk on the phone every single day, but once they do it’s forever. Good friends talk everyday,,,,,and if you text everyday omg just hand me a hot pink gun wait no let’s go Tiffany blue ugh played outttt…love it but played out then I’ll do blush with that rustoleam shine dual primer though. That’s the color scheme I’m going with I think ….second week and I’m still debating on how to remodel this kitchen …it’s a fucking rental fuck it. Just keep it clean get my deposit back and buy my next property…I swear I’ll tell you later what that is…

Demonstrating wealth is not home ownership, I’ll tell you 10 ways you can build wealth